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Conditions of use of the service.


CAPICCIO S.L. provides Internet users with the general access to its own and third party information, different activities, products and services.

When the person browses around this Website, they are considered to be the User of this site, and therefore it is assumed that they accept these valid rules of use that are established in this website address. For this reason, CAPICCIO S.L. recommends that Users read these rules carefully whenever they visit the Website.

CAPICCIO S.L. cannot be held responsible for Internet Users misusing the information or content of the service, as Users are exclusively responsible for accessing or using these.

Users agree not to use any of the content that CAPICCIO S.L. makes available for them to carry out any illegal activities or to do anything that infringes upon morality or public order and, in general, they are expected to use the aforementioned pursuant to these general conditions.

CAPICCIO S.L. is entitled to refuse, at its discretion, at any time and without having to give forewarning of such, access to any user of this website or any part of it, in the event that any of the aforesaid circumstances occur.

CAPICCIO S.L. can, at any time and without having to give forewarning of such, alter the design, presentation and/or configuration of the Website, as well as any or all of the content and modify the general conditions required to use these.


Intellectual Property and Industrial Property.


Users acknowledge that the intellectual property rights of the website, its graphic design and source codes are owned by CAPICCIO S.L., unless a different owner is established in them. Users accept that the reproduction, distribution, marketing or unauthorised transformation of this work, unless it is for their own personal and private use, is a breach of the intellectual property rights of CAPICCIO S.L. or the owner of such, which might be penalised in accordance with the law in force.

The violation of any of these rights might be considered to be an infringement of these provisions and also a crime that is punished pursuant to articles 270 and the following of the Spanish Criminal Code.

Furthermore, all the trade names, trademarks or distinguishing signs of any type of content in the Website are protected by Law.

Moreover, Users accept the fact that the information that they might have access to through the Website, might be protected by industrial property rights, intellectual property rights or rights of another kind. CAPICCIO S.L. cannot be held responsible under any circumstances whatsoever and on no account for Users violating these rights.


Content supplied in the Website and use.


The links that appear in this Website are solely provided to inform Users about the existence of other online sources of information on the matter, where they can expand on the data that is provided herein. The colours reproduced in this website are for guidance only.

CAPICCIO S.L. cannot be held responsible for the results obtained through these hypertext links.

Users accept the fact that whoever compiles the information that they might gain access to through the service is responsible for it. Consequently, CAPICCIO S.L. shall not be held accountable under any circumstances whatsoever and on no account for the content of the third party information that Users might gain access to, nor the damage suffered by Users, which has been caused by this information that comes from sources that are not related to CAPICCIO S.L., regardless of the fact that they access this information through links, direct or consecutive, which are located on the Website.

When CAPICCIO S.L. provides Users with services that allow them to disclose the content through the Website, in any way, Users must use this content pursuant to the law and these conditions, in the interests of morality, good customs and public order.

CAPICCIO S.L. is entitled to exclude Users from the active service, without having to give any forewarning, if they carry out any of the aforesaid activities and to take any legal measures that it deems appropriate. In any case, CAPICCIO S.L. is not expected to control or not control the content passed on, disseminated or made available for third parties by Users, except when it is legally required by a competent Judicial or Administrative authority.

Any announcement or comment, opinion, statement or recommendation made in the active services shall be exclusively associated with Users that express their points of view and under no circumstances whatsoever shall it be assumed that they have been made by CAPICCIO S.L., which shall be held harmless and free of charges and encumbrances if any complaint should be made over the use of this active service by a User, which is prohibited in this agreement or by the Law.


CAPICCIO S.L. is entitled to discontinue the access to this Website or the supply of any or all of the content that is made available through it at any time and without having to give any forewarning, whether it is for technical, security, control or maintenance reasons or due to power cuts or any other cause. This interruption in service might be temporary or permanent, in which case the Users shall be informed of this, as they might lose the information stored in the different services.




Users shall be held solely responsible for any offence committed or any damage caused due to using the Website, in which case CAPICCIO S.L. would be exempt of any responsibility on the grounds that it is the User who uses the service and therefore the User is expected to pay for any expenses, costs, compensation incurred that affect CAPICCIO S.L. owing to claims or legal action. CAPICCIO S.L. shall not accept any responsibility for the information that is located outside this Website.

CAPICCIO S.L. shall not be held responsible if there are any interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions in the service and in general any other inconveniences that have been caused by circumstances that are beyond the control of CAPICCIO S.L. and/or are due to a fraudulent or negligent act of the User and/or are caused by force majeure. Regardless of the terms established in article 1105 of the Spanish Civil Code, force majeure causes shall also be understood as being, and for the purposes of these general conditions, all

the events that occur, which are beyond the control of CAPICCIO S.L., such as: errors or malfunctions that are the caused by third parties, operators or utility companies, acts of the Government, no access to third party sites, acts or omissions of the public authorities or other reasons that are due to natural phenomena, power cuts etc. and attacks from Hackers or specialized third parties against the security or the integrity of the computer system, as long as CAPICCIO S.L. has taken all the existing security measures available in accordance with the state of technology. In any case, whatever the cause, CAPICCIO S.L. shall not be held responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damage, consequential damage and/or for lost profits. CAPICCIO S.L. shall be entitled, without the User being able to claim any type of compensation for these concepts, to temporarily discontinue the services and content of the Website to carry out maintenance work, make improvements or repair these services and content.

CAPICCIO S.L. cannot be held responsible for any possible damage or loss caused in the Users computer equipment due to a computer virus that it has been infected with due to the User browsing around the Website or for any other type of damage done due to this browsing.

CAPICCIO S.L. does not, under any circumstances whatsoever, guarantee the conditions and/or the correct supply of the products or services supplied to Users by third parties that are not associated with CAPICCIO S.L., which can be accessed through links located in the Website of CAPICCIO S.L. Moreover, CAPICCIO cannot be held responsible for these third parties complying with the law in force in our legal system and, in particular, that concerning the protection of personal data and e-commerce.

CAPICCIO S.L. cannot be held responsible for the veracity, lack of utility or the appropriateness for a specific use of this Website or the content of such, or the loss of data or services as a result of any delay, non-delivery, incorrect delivery of the products shown or the interruption of the service; the accuracy, quality or nature of the information obtained through its content.

In any case, the information provided in this Website is intended to supplement, but not replace the advice that, in any case, must be obtained from the competent professionals.


Advertising or sponsored content might be located somewhere on the Website. The advertisers and sponsors are held solely responsible for making sure that the material sent to be included in the Website complies with the applicable law in each case. CAPICCIO S.L. shall not be held responsible for any error, inaccuracy or mistake in the advertising or sponsored content.


Privacy and Data Protection.


Pursuant to the terms established in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, Users are clearly informed that their personal data shall be stored on the existing files at CAPICCIO S.L. and they accept that CAPICCIO S.L. shall process their personal data as established in these conditions or others that are a result of these, in order to carry out, comply with, control and even cancel its services completely.

Furthermore, CAPICCIO S.L. is authorised to use this data for commercial purposes, in which case the administrative, commercial and technical services of CAPICCIO S.L. are the recipients of this data.

In turn, CAPICCIO S.L. is authorised to send Users marketing information about its products. If the marketing messages are sent via email or similar digital media, Users must give us their clear consent so that we can send them advertising by email.

In any case, Users shall be entitled to request and obtain information about their personal data that has been included in its files and, where appropriate, rectify or cancel this data, as provided for in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999. Users can exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the processing of their personal data by writing to the following email address info@lifekannagreen.eu or to Capiccio SL. Camino de Lorca, 6. La Encarnación 30410 Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia), using any reliable means that guarantee the identification of the interested party and that mentions the file or files that have to be consulted.

Users also accept that their data can be passed on to other entities of the Group, to investee companies or other companies, as well as to professionals that CAPICCIO S.L. signs collaboration agreements with for commercial purposes in order to keep Users informed about the good or services that it markets and sells, whereby Users accept that they might be sent information from the aforesaid parties about any goods or services that might be directly or indirectly sold by them, currently or in the future. Users can withdraw the consent they grant to have their personal data passed on pursuant to the law in force.

CAPICCIO S.L. agrees to comply with its obligation to keep the personal data confidential and secret and it shall take the necessary measures to make sure that it is not altered, lost, processed or accessed by unauthorised third parties, given the state of technology at all times, the type of data stored and the risks that it is exposed to, whether it is due to human acts or those of the physical or natural environment.

Similar technical and organisation measures are adopted to attain the basic security objectives, such as confidentiality, which is understood as being to stop unauthorised third parties gaining access to the information, the integrity, which is understood as being keeping credible, quality information and availability, which is understood as being to guarantee access to the information supplied in the system if any authorised user requests this.

Users shall, in any case, be held responsible for the veracity of the data supplied, in which case CAPICCIO S.L. shall be entitled to refuse access to the registered services to all users that provide false data, regardless of any other measures it might take according to the Law.

The Lifekannagreen.eu Website contains links to other websites that might be of interest to users. In this sense, CAPICCIO S.L. cannot be held responsible for these links and it cannot guarantee that the appropriate privacy policies are complied with, which means that Users are solely responsible for accessing the content supplied through these links and for complying with the conditions of use that they are governed by.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.


For any dispute that might arise over the interpretation, implementation or the possible non-compliance of these conditions of use, the interested parties shall waive any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled and regardless of where the dispute in

question arises between them, they agree to submit it to the competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Murcia (Spain).

These conditions shall, in any case, be governed by Spanish Law.