During the 2nd professional day of the JUTE VIRTUAL ARTS FAIR in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia), SALVADOR GÓMEZ, director of CALZIA, the association that protects firms in the region, was in charge of presenting and moderating the meeting in which four projects of international scope were presented. These are initiatives that are already in operation in Caravaca and are an example of the sector’s adaptation to the demand for sustainability and commitment from the current market and consumer. Ecotrace, traceability project of the CETEC technology center Ecocomposite, recycling agricultural waste for footwear manufacturing LifeKannaGreen, consumption and circular economy for the footwear sector Bendito Casteller, Corporate Social Responsibility Ecotrace The Ecotrace application ensures the traceability of plastic waste throughout the value chain, from collection through recycling to reincorporation in a new production system to obtain a new product, according to circular economy criteria. The technology center works with footwear companies so that the system supports the footwear production cycle. It is an online and multi-company application, where traceability is guaranteed and ensured through Blockchain and active digital identification. www.ecotrace.es Ecocomposite Ecological solution to take advantage of agricultural waste for footwear components. A proposal to improve the management model of difficult-to-treat agri-food waste and / or commercial output through the valorization of rice and almond husks as raw material for the development of biocomposites for their subsequent application in the industry, as a solution of low cost, replacing current practices with others that are more sustainable and beneficial for the climate, and therefore contribute to the Circular Economy and social innovation and serve as a showcase for the sector. www.ecocomposite.es. LifeKannaGreen The renowned company Kanna has launched this ambitious European project that was born to propose and define a new consumer model and circular economy at a European level for the footwear sector, based on the principles of “cradle to cradle”, changing the way in which goods and resources are produced and consumed, which involves all the agents of the value chain of the footwear sector to close the cycle. With the SHOES for SHOES campaign, used footwear is collected at points of sale to proceed with its cutting in collaboration with CAMBIO CIRCULAR. From the separation of materials, we move on to the use and production of new models designed and created for that purpose. The project, in addition to closing a circle in the use of subjects, is also a model of labor insertion, creating jobs for people at risk of social exclusion in collaboration with the Abraham Project. www.lifekannagreen.eu/es/ Blessed Casteller Project that Corporate Social Responsibility that arises from the union of Casteller (www.casteller.es) and Bendito Bolsa (www.benditobolso.com). The two companies have teamed up to give visibility to the great work carried out by Apramp, an NGO that since 1985 has been fighting the trafficking of women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation. An example of how companies take advantage of their strength to generate benefits to society and achieve an impact with their product. On July 15th, at 11:30 am, the 3rd Professional Conference, INSPIRATION, VISION AND REINVENTION will take place. During the meeting there will be the presence and testimony of Juan Perán, of Murcian origin, founder of Pikolinos, an example of transgression and differentiation in the sector. The objective of the conference is to provide tools, proposals and ideas to continue growing and generating jobs in a town with an ancestral tradition with international clients who greatly appreciate the ART OF THE JUTE OF CARAVACA. That same day, at 6:00 p.m., the Jute Arts Festival will be inaugurated in person: www.youte.es in the Antigua Iglesia de la Compañía. For four days the public will have access to:

Handicraft exhibition. Product sale. Presentation of new collections. DJ animation Schedules: July 15. 18.00-22.00h. July 16th. 10.00-14.30 / 18.00-22.00 July 17th. 10.00-14.30 / 18.00-22.00 July 18. 10.00-14.30h. Closure

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